Form your legion.Conquer the office.Become...


A card game that spans the ages

Cubicus Rex is a 45-60 minute card game for 4-6 players.Victory is achieved with the highest of office perks: promotions.You’ll partner with fellow corporate legionnaires to complete milestones and projects — the steps toward the higher rank you crave — through fast-paced yet strategic rounds of play.


Choose a character card to lead your legion into battle.


Build chains of milestone cards and use their actions to help your partner or surprise your foes.


But beware, your partner in one round can become your foe in the next!

Finish your milestones. Complete your projects. Get promoted three times, and you will be crowned...

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Conquest awaits in

Cubicus Rex is available on Etsy.Your copy of Cubicus Rex will contain:

  • 72 milestone play cards

  • 12 project cards

  • 6 character cards

  • 1 direction of play card (arrow)

  • 1 set of directions and quick start guide

Shipping is included.

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